Go Green

At Scientific we ensure that everyone involved in our business understands and upholds our commitment to environmental preservation and we’re pleased to be recognised by the Australian Accident Repair Network (AARN) in receiving their Green Member Certification.

Some of our recent initiatives are the result of a complete utilities audit across our three workshops. For example, we have replaced all office printers with new devices from Xerox which deliver up to 70% energy savings.

We continue to recycle all repair waste products including rubber, plastics, metals & glass. In a new initiative, all unrepairable bumper bars are ground down and remoulded into new bumpers.

Where possible, we use biodegradable, phosphate free and/or quick-break cleaning products, strippers, and degreasers instead of solvents.

Our customers can rest assured that we will continue to review our operations and act in the best interests of the future of our environment.

AARN Green Certification endorses repair network members for their commitment to the protection of the environment, and their ongoing assurance to meet industry “Best Practice”. Green certified businesses have addressed key issues in helping to reduce their environmental impact.  AARN looks at disposal of waste products and storage practices, spill management, air quality, environmental management plans as well as water management systems to name a few.