From humble beginnings in a Chippendale garage in 1969, Scientific Motor Body Works has evolved into one of Australia’s largest, most prestigious, and technologically advanced automotive repair groups.

In fact, the Scientific Group, comprising of Scientific Motor Body Works, Scientific Fleet Management, Scientific Rentals, Scientific Mechanical and Scientific Detailing, is Australia’s largest privately owned accident management and collision repair business.

Scientific Motor Body Works was started by Michael and Gail Zammit in 1969, initially trading as Chippendale Smash Repairs, out of a small factory in Meagher Street, Chippendale. Michael undertook the day to day running of their new business, with the help of just one additional employee, and Michael and Gail did the accounts at night and weekends, as Gail also worked in another industry during the week. During this time Michael worked six, twelve-hour days every week. The factory was only able to hold six or seven cars and so it became too small as Michael & Gail’s goals were now set much higher.

Michael, the opportunist with a vision, took on another very big move. Realising the factory was now becoming way too small for his growing clientele; he started a never ending search for bigger, more prosperous properties. In 1973 he acquired a property in Blackfriars Street, Chippendale. This 1,200 square metre factory was enormous in both structure and price, for a company who, at the time, only had two full time employees. As the Scientific focus was becoming more customer based, Michael put on 13 additional staff members. This was the real turning point for this family owned and operated business. As Michael’s reputation in the industry grew, so did Chippendale Smash Repairs, gaining a huge amount of fleet company work, including Australia Post and the NSW Ambulance Service.

Wattle Street, Broadway

To cater for his ever-expanding client base, Michael realised that he had outgrown Blackfriars Street workshop. He purchased an existing body shop on Wattle Street in Broadway, which was a necessary acquisition to bring the business forward into the next era, and the location was perfect. Situated in Wattle Street, scaling in size of some 2800 square meters, it was to become much more than your average repair shop. This was the real start to Michael & Gail becoming leaders in the marketplace. With Michael’s old and new customers following his movements, he was able to let the business grow, along with Scientific’s reputation for quality repairs and strong customer service. 

Scientific Motor Body Works has always been well regarded by all major insurance companies and as a result of our reputation have been awarded Panel Shop of the Year on four occasions, as well as numerous awards within the industry. As Scientific continues to gain further recognition in the industry, we invest in the manpower, machinery, and workshop to ensure we can meet the growing demand without compromising on quality or customer service. Scientific’s growth has come from an outstanding reputation which is why quality and customer service is at the forefront of everything we do. 

Recognising a gap in the market for a specialised prestige panel repairer, Michael sought and attained recommended repairer status with various leading European Manufacturers, including BMW, Jaguar & Volvo. These manufacturers realised that they required a smash repairer who would be a positive reflection on their own business name and provide their own customers with a panel repair service of the highest quality. Scientific technicians were enrolled in manufacturer training programs to advance their skills. This was, and still is a prerequisite for the reproduction of pre-accident-condition vehicle repair, especially when dealing with prestige vehicles. 


Between 2000 and 2005, investigation of the new motorway paths, especially the Eastern Distributor, the Cross City Tunnel and M5 East, surrounding the Northwest, East, and Southwest of Sydney were carefully scrutinised, with Matraville being the strategic choice for the location for our second Scientific Motor Body Works shop in Sydney.

Construction on the new Matraville facility commenced in mid-2005. Michael had an active role in the development of the new shop, which has been purpose built off the plan. He imparted his 40 years of experience into the layout of the new facility, ensuring a smooth flow of work through the shop, with efficiency and productivity being the focus.

The equipment purchasing process has always been one of Scientifics’ highest priorities. Michael and Daniel travelled extensively throughout Europe and the US, researching new repair equipment and techniques. This has led to Scientific Matraville becoming one of the most advanced body shops in the world.

The Matraville facility allowed Scientific to increase its business throughout Sydney’s Eastern and Southern suburbs, right through to coastal boundaries.


In 2010, Scientific Motor Body Works opened a boutique automotive body shop in Rose Bay to cater for our expanding customer base in the Eastern Suburbs.

Scientific Rose Bay can offer customers who live in the Eastern Suburbs a quality, manufacturer approved, repairer.


AssessmenT Centre, Broadway

In 2015 Scientific Motor Body Works opened a Broadway assessment centre. This enabled us to maintain our presence in the city and provide a convenient drop off point for our inner city, inner west, and north shore clients. This easy drop-off and pick-up option, whilst consolidating repairs in our other facilities provided greater efficiency and faster repair times.

Over the last 50 years, Michael and Gail’s dreams have far surpassed their expectations and become a reality, and with an ever-changing world, Scientific continues to be a market leader and constantly strives to be an industry innovator.

Scientific will continue to satisfy the needs of the consumer with the proactive line of command that is now in place. The thoughts and feelings of Michael and Gail have been passed onto members of their family who have taken the reigns in the day to day running of the business. There are no limits to where Scientific can go in the future.

Scientific looks forward to exploring further avenues within the Automotive Industry, with the strong beliefs of taking the business into the next era, with this a truly family business.4