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Our High Tech facilities


Scientific has  three Sydney Convenient locations, working together to assess and repair your vehicle to the highest standards in the shortest amount of time.

Scientific has made significant and continual investments into our facilities to fit them with the latest repair technology from around the world, resulting in the highest quality repair with a reduction in repair times.

We believe our purpose built facilities allow us to streamline processes and keep you informed at every step.

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a commitment to technology investment

Scientific prides itself on the being on the cutting edge of technological advancements within our industry with the latest equipment from Europe and beyond.  

The equipment purchasing process has always been one of our highest priorities.

Scientific takes into consideration the recommendations of the factory, which includes equipment such as:


Our specialised Lowbake climate and dust controlled spray booths use advanced air extraction and conditioning to provide the perfect environment for prestige car makes. Many modern cars are using aluminium, which has much finer dust tolerances than traditional steel. Our investment in the latest technology ensures a superior finish.

Glasurit Automotive Paints:

At Scientific the finished product is all important and for that the Zammit Family have chosen the Glasurit Paint Brand from BASF Coatings Germany as a refinishing product.W e have been using the Glasurit brand for over twenty years and our qualified technitians are consulted and trained regularly. The Glasurit Brand has more recommendations from the Car Manufacturer than any other brand available in our market.


Prospot welders

Prospot are at the cutting edge of precision welding technology. We only use Prospot to ensure a strong, clean finish to all steel and aluminium body repair work.

CaR-O-LINER and CELETE Measuring Systems

Scientific regularly handles large and small repairs with finesse. To aid in the repair process our facilities are equipped with a number of computer controlled Car-O-Liner and Celete measuring systems allowing precise repair to manufactuer standards.. 

I.R.T. Curing Technology:

To aid in the faster and harder curing of their paint refinishes we use  Swedish made I.R.T. Infra Red curing technology utilises short wave radio waves to ensures paint is baked all the way through to the base metal for a factory quality finish.


To monitor our technician performance and track the flow a vehicle through the workshops, we have designed and implemented a bar coding system, where each stage of every repair is time measured with a computerised bar-coding system. This is the basis of out profit sharing program with our technicians.


Quality Assurance

The rigorous Quality Assurance Systems in place at Scientific ensure each vehicle is thoroughly check-listed at the end of each repair stage before proceeding to the next., results in a finished product of the highest possible standard. 

These processes results in a finished product of the highest possible standard with any defects or variances picked up before moving on to the next stage, meaning any errors are quickly remedied without significanly affecting the overall repair time. 

A process of continual improvement  

At Scientific, we constantly review our production methodology and strive to find new and innovative methods of repair.

With the feedback of our highly skilled technicians we continually strive to find more efficient, and higher quality results in repairing prestige cars.

At Scientific, we are a family working together. With significant investments made into our staff training, resulting in committed and technicians, some with over 20 years of experience improving processes  at Scientific.

Three Convenient SYDNEY Locations

we have three convenient locations to serve the CBD, Eastern Suburbs, AIRPORT, Southern Suburbs and the Lower North Shore.

All our facilities have been fitted with the latest BMW approved repair technology from around the world resulting in the highest quality repair with a reduction in repair times.


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Rose Bay / Bondi



Matraville is a purpose built, “off the plan” body shop, utilising the latest equipment, technology and machinery from Europe and the United States, to create the most efficiently designed and operated repair shop in the Southern Hemisphere.

Scientific Matraville / Maroubra is open for production 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Technicians work 2 distinct shifts around the clock, producing some of the fastest repair times in the industry.



Our broadway assessment and drop off centre is within CBD limits, with a central location for the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Lower north shore. 

This Scientific Shuttle Bus runs customers to and from their offices at regular intervals ensuring you get to the office on time when dropping off your vehicle.



Scientific Bondi was opened in August 2010.  We have developed this boutique prestige body shop to give Eastern Suburbs prestige vehicle owners a local workshop and a convenient drop off point on the cusp of Bondi and Rose Bay.