Have you recently been in a minor collision or crash? If you’re like our other Sydney-based luxury car drivers, chances are you’re particularly concerned about getting the exact paint and parts needed to bring your car back to its original condition.

If this sounds like you–then Scientific Motor Body Works are the panel beating and spray-painting team who can get the job done. Having received accreditation from 16 of the most popular luxury car manufacturers, our team has the training, equipment, experience, and supplies needed to handle your car. Wanting every customer to be able to maintain the market value of their investment, we make sure that the parts and paint used to repair your vehicle are sourced from the same stockists as the original manufacturer.

Why is this so important? Read on to learn more about the reasons behind choosing the best paints and parts in the market when servicing your luxury car and how to select the best paint colour matching to get the job done.


Sourcing Original Manufacturer’s Glasurit Paint for Panel Repairs

Well versed in handling high-end cars, Scientific Motor Body Works takes pride in being a go-to local panel beating team who can bring your car back to market value. Because we work directly with luxury car manufacturers to receive the hands-on training needed to handle prestige cars, we have the accreditation, experience, equipment, and access to the supplies needed to help maintain the warranty of your car.

Why is this important? Among the many reasons, luxury car owners’ risk:

  • Their insurer trying to steer them to a non-accredited body repair shop where repair quality can be questionable
  • Voiding the manufacturer’s warranty by servicing the car with parts and paints that are not made or certified by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Lowering the potential resale value or market value of your car.

Even if you’re not planning on selling anytime soon, ensuring that the warranty is upheld on your car by only repairing with OEM parts and paints will drastically lower the risk of future service works and repairs. Further still, even though some panel beating teams may be able to access OEM parts for your repairs, this doesn’t mean that they have the training needed from the car manufacturer to best service your car. When in doubt, we always recommend sourcing OEM approved parts and paints and working with a brand-certified repair team when booking in work on your car.

Didn’t think that paint was as important as sourcing on-brand spare parts? Think again. If you’re having small scuffs removed from your car panels post-crash, chances are some paint works will need to be undertaken to fully bring your car back to its original condition. If you haven’t considered where and why you should source the best quality paints for your panel beating job, read on.

Why We Use BASF Glasurit for Luxury Car Spray Painting

In short–the Scientific Motor Body Works team only uses BASF Glasurit paints when servicing luxury cars. Why?

  1. Glasurit is the recommended paint brand for the most popular luxury car manufacturers including BMW, Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes.
  2. It’s the exact paint brand used in the original manufacturing of your high-end car.
  3. Using the original paint ensures the highest quality finish and exact colour matching.
  4. Our spray paint technicians are trained in the equipment and application techniques used by the original manufacturer to ensure a seamless outcome–even post-crash.

Much the same as sourcing OEM spare parts, using the exact paint used in the original manufacturing of your car is one of the best ways we know how to help maintain the condition and market value of your car. Further to that, by sourcing OEM paints, we can help upkeep the original warranty on your car–crucial if you ever need part replacement or upgrades at the hands of the manufacturer.

While some panel beating teams may have access to Glasurit paints, knowing how to apply, finish, and (most importantly) find the exact colour match for your car cannot be understated. To ensure that we’re always a leader in servicing high-end cars, our team regularly completes hands-on training, upskilling, and certification from luxury car manufacturers to ensure we can be a local provider of smash repair services that meet their rigorous in-house standards.

Exact Colour Matching for Prestige Car Paint

If you consider yourself to be a discerning car owner and want to ensure your vehicle is handled by the best technician’s post-collision–make sure to call the Scientific Motor Body Works team.

We can work with all insurance companies and car owners to ensure their high-value car is returned to its original condition. By working with Original Manufacturer Equipment parts and paints, we uphold the market value of your car and make sure to keep the original warranty intact so you can get the best life out of your investment.

Located in the heart of Sydney, we’ve built a reputation as one of the go-to panel beating teams for luxury car models around the city. From Lexus to Jaguar and Porsche, we can work with you and your insurer post-crash from original assessment and cost-quote through to completion and pick-up.

Are you ready to say goodbye to technicians just looking to get the next job done? Contact our friendly front of house team today–we’ll work with your luxury car model and get you safely back on the road.