From Tesla to BMW, from Audi to Range Rover, more luxury car owners are popping up across Australia than ever before. With smart technologies advancing traditional car manufacturing and automotive features, we appreciate wanting to invest in your vehicle and driving one of the industry’s best.

That said, some high-value vehicles come with both a high price tag and a high cost of finding and securing replacement parts. If you’ve recently been in a crash or small collision that warrants panel beating services, you or your insurance company may be tempted to buy non-genuine spare parts when it comes to basic repairs. While we appreciate the importance of saving a dollar, the Scientific Motor Body Works team strongly recommends the use of genuine parts as opposed to off-brand, aftermarket or non-genuine parts.

Why? Read on to learn more about the importance of buying Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spare parts and why the current global economy is making it more challenging than ever to make sure you’re getting the real deal.

Why You Should Only Secure Original Equipment Manufacturer Spare Parts

If you’ve invested in a luxury vehicle, chances are you’re committed to help extend its life and lifetime value. One of the fastest ways to bring down its possible resale value? By installing non-genuine or aftermarket spare parts after a collision or crash.

More commonly seen post the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, more luxury car owners are asking our team if they can source and purchase off-brand (or non-OEM) parts to help service and repair their cars. A dedicated team of panel beaters in Sydney well versed in handling repairs post-crash, the Scientific Motor Body Works team highly recommends the use of genuine spare parts when getting panel repairs completed.  Why?

  1. Brand Accreditation: We’re associated with and accredited by over 16 manufacturers of luxury car models as a go-to smash repairs team for their vehicles. Having to uphold and maintain our accreditation status through ongoing training and development and sourcing OEM parts, paints, and equipment to service their cars, we’re committed to doing right by our industry partners and luxury car owners by ensuring we stay on-brand.
  2. Market Value: If you’ve invested in a high-price vehicle, chances are you’re interested in getting a long life out of your car–or, at the very least, upholding its market value. For car owners who would consider reselling their vehicle, you’ll want to consider the manufacturer’s warranty and market value of your car both now and in the future–both of which can be affected by using off-brand spare parts. While we appreciate the cost of sourcing OEM parts can be costly–especially after investing in a car with a high price tag–the importance of upholding the manufacturer’s warranty by following their car repair requirements cannot be understated. (Further still, potential future buyers may request a record of repair works completed and parts used. If you bought and installed non-genuine or aftermarket parts, chances are your resale value offer will go way down.)
  3. Future Servicing: For drivers planning to maintain their vehicle to maximise its useable life, you’ll want to ensure that any potential service works of manufacturer’s recalls will be upheld in the future. While one small part being purchased off-brand may seem like a cost-effective solution after a minor crash, this one change can nullify your manufacturer’s warranty–meaning your car may no longer qualify for any covered service works, repairs, or replacements going forward. (An outcome that’s definitely not worth the few dollars you or your insurance company may save on buying off-brand.)


Find yourself stuck for OEM parts due to limited stock and shipping delays? Read on to learn more about the factors affecting spare part availability if you’re planning for upcoming panel work and repairs.

Global Supply Chain Issues and OEM Spare Parts for Smash Repairs

Involved in a recent collision? Chances are you or your insurer may have requested cost quotes from multiple smash repair teams to see who can repair your car for the cheapest cost. Instead of allowing your insurer to secure the cheapest smash repair works and parts, know that there are a few reasons why you should make the final call about where your car is repaired and with which parts:

  • Insurance companies are generally looking for the cheapest repairs:

Many insurers are supporting your post-collision claims process by trying to find the cheapest repair costs for your vehicle. Not limited by car manufacturer warranties or OEM part requirements, many insurers will search for a panel beating team who can panel beat and spray paint the car to the cheapest price point and not necessarily to the highest quality levels. While we appreciate them wanting to get you back on the road, the most inexpensive smash repair team may not be your car’s best option.

Why? Regardless of the panel beater’s qualifications, accreditations, or spare part supplier, your insurance company is likely to book in with the most inexpensive provider who can get the job done. Knowing that some manufacturers could nullify your car’s warranty if it’s repaired by non-accredited repair methods and components, simply choosing the most inexpensive team is probably not the best choice for you or your car.

  • Some smash repair teams will use off-brand (or non-OEM) spare parts:

Much like above–one of the fastest ways to void your original warranty is by installing non-genuine or aftermarket parts into your prestige car.

Instead of risking all potential future serviceability and warranty coverage, we recommend insuring your car with an insurance company that will give you freedom of choice to choose your own smash repairer, ensuring the use of OEM parts–regardless of the repair size.

  • Global supply chain issues are delaying the stock and availability of spare parts:

Feeling stuck for choice? Global supply chain issues are likely coming into play.

With most luxury car brands imported into Australia, chances are local service providers are sourcing their spare parts stock from overseas.

Why? Because of a recent uptick in luxury car sales in Australia–including Tesla’s and other electric vehicle brands–more genuine OEM spare parts are required to repair these cars. This can lead to the local spare parts stock at the the manufacturers’ dealer networks becoming quickly depleted. This can mean extended wait times for parts while they come from overseas (for example BMW, Audi, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz – from Germany; Jaguar and Range Rover – from the UK; Volvo – from Sweden; Lexus, Infiniti, Subaru and Toyota – from Japan, and Polestar – from China).

Local collision repair service providers rely on local dealers to purchase their genuine spare part stock–and the local dealers rely on their OEM sellers (located overseas) to replenish that stock when it gets low. Wherein the trouble lies is the ongoing supply chain issues and transportation difficulties facing manufacturers and resellers worldwide.

In a nutshell, COVID-19 affected global supply chain transportation something like this:

  1. Passenger airline carriers significantly reduced or halted international transportation.
  2. Passenger airline transportation also transport    significant shipments of imported and export products, including car parts!
  3. Boat carriers were relied on to handle the extra product shipments around the world, where possible.
  4. Shipping transportation is significantly slower than airline travel.

Further still? The Original Equipment Manufacturers are experiencing the same supply chain issues when it comes to manufacturing their original parts–meaning their own production lines are further limited or delayed. After 2.5 years of weakened global supply, you can see how, and why, car owners and smash repair teams are struggling for genuine spare part stock.

 Scientific Motor Body Works Commitment to Genuine Spare Parts

Like we said–the Scientific Motor Body Works team will never back down on our commitment to upholding the quality, market resale value, safety features, and warranties of the luxury vehicles we repair. Willing to source genuine spare parts from across Australia, where possible, we make every effort to find the OEM parts needed to repair your car and get it safely back on the road in the quickest possible time

Facing an unexpected repair delay? When Australia’s supply of the necessary genuine spare parts needed to repair your car are out of stock, we’re at the mercy of the OEM provider to deliver our much-needed supply. While we appreciate that this can mean further delays in repairing your car, it also means that your manufacturer’s warranty and high-value price tag stay intact.

Do you want to discuss how our team can help you during this time? Connect with the friendly front of house team at Scientific Motor Body Works to chat about our access to and use of OEM spare parts. Wanting the best outcome for each one of our drivers and luxury vehicles repaired alike, we’ll do whatever we can to repair your car as required by our accreditation and get you back on the road.